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A Convergence of Civilizations: The Transformation of Muslim by Emmanuel Todd, Youssef Courbage

By Emmanuel Todd, Youssef Courbage

We are instructed that Western/Christian and Muslim/Arab civilizations are heading in the direction of inevitable clash. The demographics of the West stay gradual, whereas the inhabitants of the Muslim global explodes, widening the cultural hole and all yet ensuring the outbreak of conflict. Leaving apart the media's sound and fury in this factor, measured research indicates one other fact taking form: rapprochement among those civilizations, profiting from a common circulate with roots within the Enlightenment.

The old and geographical sweep of this e-book discredits the concept of a selected Islamic demography. the variety of fertility between Muslim girls, for instance, is as various as non secular habit between Muslims mostly. even if agnostics, fundamentalist Salafis, or al-Qaeda activists, Muslims are a various workforce that end up the range and individuality of Islam. Youssef Courbage and Emmanuel Todd examine varied levels of literacy, patriarchy, and protecting reactions between minority Muslim populations, underscoring the unfold of huge secularization through the Arab and Muslim international.

In this regard, they argue, there's little or no to differentiate the evolution of Islam from the historical past of Christianity, in particular with Muslims now getting into an international modernity. delicate to demographic variables and their mirrored image of non-public and social truths, Courbage and Todd upend a perilous meme: that we are living in a fractured global as regards to difficulty, suffering from a scourge of closed cultures and minds made various by way of religion.

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1 For their part, the suicide rates of Arab societies are among the lowest in the world. But can it be asserted a priori that the multiplication of suicide attempts, clearly a highly socialized form of self-destruction, bears no relation to the underlying increase of voluntary death in rapidly developing societies? Cultural progress destabilizes populations. We need to have a concrete picture of what a society a majority of whose population is becoming literate looks like: a world in which the sons know how to read but not the fathers.

This system is called patrilocal. The 1981 Syrian census presented an analysis of households according to kinship relations. 9 percent. This proportion is an indication of matrilocalism. 8 percent patrilocal). This situation is typical of the central Muslim zone, whether Arab, Iranian, or Pakistani. 3 percent urban matrilocalism. 3 percent urban matrilocalism. Although slight, these differences between Syria, on the one hand, and Morocco and Iran, on the other, are significant. In Morocco and Iran, the level of matrilocalism rose twice as quickly in urban areas, a sign of a less absolute solidity of the patrilocal principle.

Beyond India, Islam did not advance through military conquest. Its belated penetration goes back to the period between the thirteenth and seventeenth centuries. It was carried by merchants and adopted without the use of force. indb 40 OTHER MUSLIM WOMEN 2/14/11 9:21:37 AM dissociated from the patrilineal Arab kinship system. The contact between a matrilocal population and a patrilineal religion probably produced a legitimist radicalization of matrilocalism, which led to the emergence of a few clearly matrilineal systems.

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