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A handlist of the sanskrit and prakrit manuscripts in the by Dominik Wujastyk

By Dominik Wujastyk

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Author was the son of Ysjiiika Narahari. 67a, etc. -Complece. Shelved at MS Indc fi 109. leaves 1-6. -Author was the son of Ysjiiika Narahari. - Copied by Haridevaji. -Date of copy: saq 1892. 67a, erc. -W ~ t htables. - Complete in 60 verses. F, 6v has: sapvatt 1892 lisz'ya'tw haridevaji way* p a & m i i r h iubh* bhfiygt (1. Shelved at MS Indic y 259. 1270 Pdnwais~ava/ N i i G ~ a & aSiddha GosvZmin leaves 1-7, 3 leaves. 14Oa-14Ob, etc. - Portrait format text. - Complete. Shelved at MS Indic /3 414.

An^ and red 1 long leaf. -A Bhagav&bjuna samvsda, ascribed to the MahuhhZraa. , c. 29 April 1850, a Monday. 195. -Complete in 16 verses. Begins: Sri atha karmagitapr%ambh& arjuna uvzca I1 kena pfipam bhaved tvadh&t kena pZpw daridratii. Shelved ar MS lndic a 86. leaves 1-25. 143b; same text as ABC 1G4, 3289. -Tripaha layout. - Covers adhr;iyas 1-3 of this commentary on the Udyogaparvan 4 0 4 5 of rhe Mahabharagrs. Shelved at MS Indic y 343. leaves 29-83,2-10. - Covers adhyaya 11, verse 27 to scat of adhyii~a27, and end of adhyZya 49 through all of a d h ~ y 50.

Complete. Shelved at MS Jndic cr 456(vi). leaves lv-8v. - Copied by Wanariiyaqa. - Date of copy: the parts of this collective MS are dated as follow: F. , Friday 18 July 1851; f. , probably Thursday 9 September 1841. - Bibliography: not the same as ABC 199,6456 erc. 387a). -A collective MS, with: (ji) 8v-9r: Bhaumrotm (iii) 9r: CLaturbhyanranamZni, (iv) %-I% a Navagrahustot~a (v) 19v-20r: Nawuphaaantroktamant~a (vi) 2Or: Nauagrahajapasadkhya (vii) 20v-22v: Dhdnadyanmprdpga (viii) 22v-23r: Ganapstimdntra (in Hindi) (ix) 23v: B~hrfikA+stavap~ayoga.

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