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Abandon the Night by Joss Ware

By Joss Ware

The 3rd installment in a brilliantly darkish, exact paranormal global by way of Colleen Gleason, writing as Joss Ware. From the raging fires, 5 males emerge with remarkable new powers. they're humankind's final wish . . . yet they can not continue to exist this darkish, ravaged international by myself . . . Quentin Fielding had every little thing. cash. energy. ladies. yet now that civilization is all yet annihilated, Quent wishes just one factor: revenge. Harnessing a wierd new "gift," he embarks on a perilous challenge to discover the guy accountable for the chaos and destruction, the guy he must have killed years in the past: his father. just one factor stands in his way--a mysterious, arrow-wielding attractiveness . . . Zo? Kapoor is on her personal quest for vengeance, trying to find the big fiends who murdered her relations. quickly she and Quent subscribe to jointly, touring in the course of the ruins of the realm they as soon as knew as a determined hope builds among them. Drawing toward an enemy they by no means imagined, Zo? and Quent needs to abandon all worry, abandon all remorse, abandon the evening . . . "High-stakes motion and hot romance." --Lara Adrian

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Quent steadied himself, pulled back from the tug that would pull him into unconsciousness, and focused half his mind on the room around him, the table beneath his other fingers, his friend watching, the chair beneath his arse…and went a little deeper into the crystal’s memories, touching the stone with a second finger. White light stunned him, shocking and bold, cutting through the dark sea…and then darkness. Pulsing, pumping, throbbing darkness…he shifted in his seat, adjusting his feet on the floor, grounding himself…but opened his mind a bit further, tried to separate the faces that blurred in a whirlwind around him… And then he felt a strong tug gripping his arm, and the room slammed back into his consciousness.

She offered a vague smile, then returned to her five computer screens, keys clicking noisily, aqua blue eyes focused on the monitor. On the spiral staircase that snaked up inside an old elevator shaft, Quent met Simon, who was likely coming down to see if he could drag Sage away from her work and up into his bed, since it was nearly midnight. Power fucking to ya, old chap. Gloves back on, Quent knew it was safe to jab angrily at the numbered buttons that would, at one time, have selected the floor and opened the door to the elevator, but now acted as a passcode to enter and exit the secret stairs to the computer room.

Without the wild, hot tumble on the bed or against the wall bang he’d come to expect. His body felt alive, awake, ready, but he maintained the blank expression and a casual stance…although he had a feeling his bedraggled state might take the edge off his insouciance. ” he asked, keeping his voice idle as he retrieved the last one from the closet shelf. He’d touched it so many times that it didn’t bother him to do so anymore; same as the other parts of his room. ” she retorted. ” Quent gave her a look that clearly said he didn’t care, but that he had other things on his mind, and was rewarded when he saw her swallow.

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