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Advances in Chemical Physics [Vol 15] by Stuart A Rice; I Prigogine

By Stuart A Rice; I Prigogine

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Collisions are represented then by a succession of vertices corresponding to transitions from the vacuum of correlation to the vacuum of correlation. The simplest collision (two vertices) is represented on Fig. 5 Figure 5. From the point of view of correlations it corresponds to the formation of a correlation involving one photon k and two atomic states which has a finite lifetime (this is by definition the “duration” of the collision). From the point of view of occupation numbers it corresponds to a change of 5 1 for two atomic states and of f1 for a photon state.

But when a value of p Z t can be found so that (pL,. , p Z k ) E M z k, I(S) lies between that for the latter and for (pi,. . , when k > 1, between finite limits. If, furthermore, (pl,. . , pzk-i) is such that (pi,. . , p Z k ) E M2k‘,the value of I ( S ) can be obtained as the limit of Z(S’) (S‘ assigning pl,. . ,p Z k ) as the moment point moves through MZk‘to a minimizing position. When extended to distributions in 3-momentum space, the above considerations lead to first-order approximations to macroscopic expressions, based on theorems rather than on uncontrolled formalism.

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