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After the Victorians: Private Conscience and Public Duty in by Peter Mandler, Susan Pedersen, Afterword by Simon Schama

By Peter Mandler, Susan Pedersen, Afterword by Simon Schama Center for European Studies Harvard University

After the Victorians, by using biography, explores how twentieth century British intellectuals how 20th century British intellectuals and social reformers sought to evolve Victorian values to trendy stipulations, by utilizing individuals: Peter Mandler, Susan Pedersen, Seth Koven, Jeffrey Cox, Standish Meacham, Peter Stansky, F. M. Leventhal, Peter Clarke, D. L. LeMahieu, Chris Waters, Simon Schama.

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75 The Labour Governments of 1945–51 had posed even more starkly the problem liberal intellectuals had confronted during the Home Rule crisis, with Lloyd George, and during the 1929–31 Labour Government—the problem of whether to support a progressive politics that had as its goal a redistribution of power or goods rather than individual regeneration. Nor could they delude themselves, by 1951, into believing that they had some other, more palatable, choice. Object they might to Labour’s “socialism” and the Tories’ “populism”; they could offer no Third Way.

Labour and Love: Women’s Experience of Home and Family, 1850–1940, Oxford, Basil Blackwell, 1986, pp. 122–46; Susan Kingsley Kent, Sex and Suffrage in Britain, 1860–1914, Princeton, Princeton University Press, 1987. 43 The literature on such groups is extensive. For a summary, see Jeffrey Weeks, Sex, Politics and Society: The Regulation of Sexuality since 1800, London, Longman, 1981, chs 8 and 9; also, Judith Walkowitz, “Science, Feminism, and Romance: The Men and Women’s Club, 1885–1889,” History Workshop Journal, no.

It was therefore incumbent upon them to bring their exquisite moral HENRIETTA BARNETT 37 force to bear not only upon their husbands and children, but upon their wider communities. 24 Ruskin’s exposition of sexual difference as the foundation of complementarity between men and women and his vision of women’s moral imperative to help others appealed deeply to Henrietta and to many other Victorian women committed to both social action and the emancipation of their sex. In her 1885 book, The Making of the Home, A Reading-Book of Domestic Economy for School and Home Use, Henrietta offered an extended commentary on Sesame and Lilies.

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