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Ancient Civilizations: China, India, Africa, Mesopotamia by Wendy Conklin

By Wendy Conklin

This source offers classes and actions that deliver 4 far-off cultures vibrantly into the study room and immerse scholars in historical past. wealthy history fabrics aid enticing actions corresponding to reading-aloud a quick play in line with the epic of Gilgamesh, studying the fundamentals of chinese language calligraphy, making plans an Indus Valley shuttle itinerary, taking part in a board video game well known in historic Kush, and plenty of extra. to be used with Grades five & Up.

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OW ...... m ❶ Share the background information on page 36 about the disappearance of the Indus Valley civilization. Tell students that scholars debate this topic and have developed a number of theories to explain the mysterious disappearance. ❷ Divide the class into groups of three. Distribute overhead transparencies and overhead markers to students. ❸ Write the following causes on the board: climate changes, drought, floods, erosion, change in the Indus River’s path, drying up of other rivers, earthquakes, and invaders.

In retaliation, the Romans attacked Napata, the former capital of Kush. Soon after, a peace treaty was negotiated between the Romans and the Kushites. Some scholars believe that the Romans respected the Kushite’s military strength. The peace treaty resulted in the return of Kush’s conquered lands and the removal of the tax. Kushite Rulers _______________ u The best-known Kushite rulers are those from the 25th dynasty in Egypt. Around 750 BC a Kushite king name Piankhy—also called Piya or Piye—invaded Egypt.

H . . OW ...... m ❶ Share with students the background information about Indus Valley pictographs on page 36. ❷ Distribute copies of Indus Valley Dictionary to students. Tell students that an Indus dictionary does not exist because scholars have been unable to decode the language. ❸ Divide the class into small groups. Tell each group that they will create an Indus Valley dictionary. Instruct each group to define five signs shown on Indus Valley Dictionary. Tell groups to put each sign and its definition on a separate piece of paper.

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