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Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors: An Activity Guide by Marian Broida

By Marian Broida

Are looking to communicate Hittite? carry out a tumbler and ask for “wa-tar.” This special task booklet for kids a while 9 and up exhibits what lifestyles used to be like one of the Nubians, Mesopotamians, Hittites, and their friends the Egyptians from round 3100 B.C., while higher and reduce Egypt turned one state, to the loss of life of Queen Cleopatra below the Romans, in 30 B.C. initiatives corresponding to development a Nubian irrigation computer, making a Mesopotamian cylinder seal out of clay, making kilts like these worn through Egyptian boys and males, and writing in Hittite cuneiform support younger readers to hook up with those historical cultures and notice how profoundly they've got stimulated our personal.

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To ▲ Glue (optional) make a pillar, first decorate 10 door pillar using paint or markers. Paint the stripes horizontally across all the way around the top. Fold down the short side. Then roll it into a skinny tube the long the cut sections to form palm leaves. way and tape it closed. Make four small cuts ( 1⁄2 inch 8. Make four cuts about 1⁄2 inch long in the or less) around one end of the tube about 1⁄2 inch bottom of the trunk. Fold out the four apart. Fold out the four cut sections. bottom sections.

Hint—When choosing Egyptian signs, think about how the English word sounds, not just how it is spelled. The name Christopher really sounds like Kris-to-fer. If a letter you want doesn’t exist, skip it or pick one that sounds a little like it. You can Remember to read from right to left. This illustration translates as Hw R Y. ” cartouche This translates as J, N, F, R, or Jennifer. 26 Egyptian Work T he pharaoh was the most powerful person in the land. The ancient Egyptians believed the pharaoh was a god and that everything in Egypt, including every person, belonged to the pharaoh.

Pharaohs ate the best of all. , could choose from milk; 3 kinds of beer; 5 kinds of wine; 14 kinds of bread; 10 kinds of cakes plus fruitcakes; 4 kinds of meat, goose, pigeon, and figs; 10 other types of fruit; 5 kinds of grain; 5 kinds of oil; and fresh greens. All of this might have been served at the same meal! 35 Because the Egyptians didn’t use money, people often were paid in food. Official records of these salaries look more like grocery lists to modern eyes. High-ranking workers were paid in fancier food and in larger quantities—amounts unrelated to the intensity of their labor.

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