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Ancient Traditions: Shamanism in Central Asia and the by Gary Seaman, Jane S. Day

By Gary Seaman, Jane S. Day

Shamanism is the world's oldest faith. The rituals and ideology of this old culture have been carried from Asia and Siberia into the recent global by way of nomadic searching bands starting 12,000 years in the past. This detailed selection of essays on shamanism in imperative Asia and the Indian Americas presents sound and interesting scholarship that displays the good range during this attention-grabbing box. First released in 1994, "Ancient Traditions" has turn into an important, usually brought up reference within the ongoing examine of old religions. Over the centuries, shamanism has persevered as an abiding subject of curiosity not just as a result of a human problem with the previous but additionally due to a standard craving to recognize lifestyles lived in nearer symbolic dating to the earth. For readers attracted to indigenous cultures and religions, this number of essays clarifies a lot of the recent Age hypothesis on universals in shamanism, supplying stable study on particular ethnic and historic expressions.

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Includes bibliographical references and index. ISBN 0-87081-342-0 1. ShamanismCongresses. I. Seaman, Gary, 1942-. Day, Jane Stevenson. III. Denver Museum of Natural History. 1'4dc20 93-47593 CIP Cover illustration © 1994 Martin Prechtel Book design and composition by Cathy Holtz The paper used in this document meets the minimum requirements of the American National Standard for Information SciencesPermanence of Paper for Printed Library Materials. 481984 Page v Page v Contents Contributors vii Preface ix Jane Stevenson Day 1.

C. , respectively, providing the use of Sophora with an uninterrupted genealogy of over ten millennia. C. D. 1000, often together with another psychoactive species, Ungnadia speciosa (Furst 1976:8).

Furst 6. Peyote Religion 179 Omer C. Stewart 7. From Shaman to Medicine Man: Transformations of Shamanic Roles and Styles in the Upper Great Lakes Region 187 James A. Clifton 8. Shamanism in the Columbia-Fraser Plateau Region 211 Robert J. Theodoratus 9. The Dark Emperor: Central Asian Origins in Chinese Shamanism 227 Gary Seaman 10. Shamans in Traditional Tuvinian Society 245 Page vi Page vi Vera P. Diakonova 11. The Shaman Costume: Image and Myth 257 Larisa R. Pavlinskaya 12. The Horse in Yakut Shamanism 265 Vladimir Diachenko 13.

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