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Angry Women in Rock, Volume 1

This booklet takes to the air the place Gillian Garr's 1992 She's A insurgent leaves off, and is an ideal spouse quantity for that fab publication. It positive factors interviews with Jarboe, Joan Jett, Kathleen Hanna, Valerie Agnew, Lois Maffeo, Naomi Yang, Kendra Smith, Phranc, Candice Pederson, Bettina Richards, Chrissie Hynde, and June Millington.

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We make fun of our dysfunction and our character defects. " I wasn't celebrating ho^v fucked up I am, I was laughing at it, stepping outside myself, and -witnessing who I am. " Sometimes that makes it makes us feel like we are getsome kind of revenge. No, we're not cutoff any real dicks here, people, so let's just cathartic ritual; ting ting calm down for a second, around, act like eight-year-olds, do rock'n'roll and all kinds of other adventures, does not mean they are being manly — it means that they get povi^er.

I AJ: In your survival guide, "what would you was singing in front of this drunken, drugged say about experiences like these? J: I would say, "Don't have a 'victim' attitude about them. Lxjok at other people's behavior as showing how weak they are. I would talk about when to fight back — although /don't recall ever doing that literally. I would emphasize working on your own attitude. Since I was mob of boys, and I "was pummeled by mushy tomatoes right at my " getting this shit, were getting I felt sure that other women And then there are practical aspects: I learned to tour with a massive bag of baby wipes!

And there w^as no one to help me. " Amazing! " And none of the group members tried any macho retaliation (I didn't even let on how much pain I w^as in). This guy was huge — I don't think he could even fit through the door. It w^as amazing that I didn't get a hernia or a ruptured spleen from that. Any^vay, those are w^iU the kinds of experiences my survival guide. I w^as going to put in is the kind of mengoing to encounter, so alw^ays carry something to prove w^hoyou are. " create another one. Photos (1.

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