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Atheism Remix: A Christian Confronts the New Atheists by R. Albert Mohler Jr.

By R. Albert Mohler Jr.

A major Christian highbrow explores the latest pressure of atheism, its most popular thinkers, the cultural stipulations that experience bred it, and the way Christians should still respond.

Something has replaced in American tradition. What for years used to be a little-regarded trust system-atheism-has now received a wide, and lengthening, nationwide listening to during the writings of "new atheists" corresponding to Dawkins, Dennett, Harris, and Hitchens.

Wanting to either tell and equip serious-minded Christians concerning this cultural shift, R. Albert Mohler Jr. explores the surroundings that has bred the "new atheism" whereas additionally introducing readers to the movement's 4 best thinkers and the contours in their arguments. Mohler-deemed "the reigning highbrow of the evangelical flow within the US" by way of Time magazine-then makes use of this origin to pinpoint 8 significant distinctives that make the recent atheism new, and to debate the way forward for Christianity in courting to it.

At institution and in the neighborhood, Christians are absolute to come across those that were formed by means of this pressure of atheism. this is prepared perception that any believer can use to appreciate and problem the hot atheists.

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Indeed if nonbelief was an oddity in the first stage—so much that it was considered eccentric and even dangerous—in this third stage it is theism that is considered eccentric and dangerous. Theism is not just something we have moved beyond, not just something we ought to put behind us as belonging to an infantile or adolescent period of human development. It is actually dangerous, because people who believe in God are dangerous people who do dangerous things. They are a deadly toxin within the culture at large.

Not only so, but you also probably develop some sense of superiority over those who do not share this personal relationship and this personal knowledge. The fact that you believe that God cares about you, Harris would argue, says everything about you and nothing at all about God. Evidently Harris did not think his first book was sufficient. 20 This very short book is supposedly addressed to conservative Christians, but if you read it believing that Harris is actually trying to speak to conservative Christians, you are missing the point.

Viii. , 50 The Assault on Theism ists. They are trying to make secularism more mainstream. Last year an atheist group launched a hunt for the highest ranking atheist official in America. After much searching, they finally found Representative Pete Stark of California who, unfortunately for their movement, was not able to explain very well when the microphone was put in front of him why he didn’t believe in God. Nonetheless he identified himself as a skeptic and unbeliever. It was a minor victory for organized atheism, but then again, after a nationwide search they could find only one member of Congress.

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