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Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions by Igor I. Sobelman, J.P. Toennis

By Igor I. Sobelman, J.P. Toennis

Atomic Spectra and Radiative Transitions covers the systematics of atomic spectra, non-stop spectrum radiation, and the excitation of atoms. This moment variation has extra chapters on relativistic corrections within the spectra of hugely charged ions, which rounds off the former therapy. huge tables of oscillator strengths (both dipole and quadrupole), percentages and move sections of radiative transitions whole this textbook, making it beneficial additionally as a reference paintings.

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146-8,38:147, 38150,38151,152,38:154,3%:159, 38160,38:161,38:164,38:165, 38:167,38:168,1724,38:176, 38186,38187, 38:188,38:189, 38:205,207,210,382212 INEPT experiments, double refocused: in sensitivity-enhancedtechniques, 2220,2223,2227-8,27:34,2236, 2238,2249 INEPT procedure, 21:190 INEPT pulse sequence, 2065 INEPT pulse sequence, 22141,22:251, 22252,22346 INEPT pulse sequence, 2 5 16-1 8 non-selective, 2 5 17-1 8 selective, 25: 18 INEPT, see Insensitive nuclei enhancement by polarization transfer INEPT, 29338 29 INEPT, 31:198 INEPT, 3346 INEPT’, DEPT’, DEPT”, 16310-311 INEPT-HETCOR, X I 5 3 INEPT-HMQC, 38152, %I53 INEPT-type pulse sequences, 1 9 6 Infertility, 38:66-8 automatic diagnosis, 38:68 Influenza A virus, 38:117 Infrared (IR) imaging, 31:17 Infrared (IR) spectroscopy, 31:282 Infrared (IR) spectrum, 31:4-5,31:6 Infra-red spectroscopy, and coal analysis, 23379 Infrared spectroscopy, 3168,3192 of a- and P-bromo epimers, 3194 and conformation, 3 1 19 Inherent sensitivity of nuclei, 1:146, 1:227, 1:228 Initiators, and polymer end-group detection, 29303-12 breakdown, radical-radical reaction, 29:307-8 kinetics of, 29:308-12 vs.

3:34 of hydroxy-steroids, 3181 n-interaction with phenyl rings, 333 internal and effect on 'J(HC-OH), 339 intramolecular, in acetanilides, 3:24 formation of 7-membered ring by, 3130 in oximes, 3:26 stabilization of conformers, 3:35, 3128 study of, using 19Fshifts, 3308 in vapour phase, 3:35 in steroids, 3 153 Hydrogen bonding, 4247,4269,4274, 4277,4455 effect of on 'J(H-C-OH), 449 of phenols with peptides, 4299 studies of using 'F shifts, 4437 Hydrogen bonding, 5A:37: effect of on C-N bond rotation, 5A39 and observation of "(HCOH), 5A:46 Hydrogen bonding, 5B:8 1,5B:84 Hydrogen bonding, 6A.

258 1259 12-Hydroxycorynoline,'H NMR data Hydroxyapatite, 5B88 on, 844 Hydroxy-azo compounds, nitrogen 13P-Hydroxystylopine,'H NMR data shieldings, 25373 24 SUBJECT INDEX Hydroxybenzoyl, 32256 Hydroxybenzthiazole, tautomerism of, 5A:463 Hydroxycarboniumions, proton-proton coupling, calculations, 1 2 114 Hydroxy-cholestanes, 3: 180 Hydroxy-conessine,3200 4-Hydroxy-cyclohexanoneand oxime, 3116 Hydroxycyclopentanes,5A45 Hydroxycyclopentenes,5A45 Hydroxyesters, conformation of, 6 A 154 Hydroxyfluorocarboxylic acids, 4:396 Hydroxyhomoprotoberberines,6A277 Hydroxyindoles, protons exchange in, 227 Hydroxyindoles, 6A340 Hydroxyl couplings, 5A45 Hydroxyl group, "A" value for, 3 1 18 configuration of, 3179 conformation of, 3180 effect of on shifts, 3 158 rotamer, populations of, 3135 Hydroxyl group, conformational free energy of, 440 Hydroxyl groups, chemical shifts of, 5A320 Hydroxyl proton, rate of exchange, 3179 Hydroxyl protons, chemical shift of, 1:IO concentration dependence, 1:17 effect of temperature on, 1:17 Hydroxyl protons, coupling of, 244, 246 Hydroxyl radicals, 6A86 Hydroxyl virtual coupling, 346 LP-Hydroxyl-dl-aspartic acid, conformation of, 4 5 0 Hydroxyl, 23307 Hydroxylamine, N,N-bis(trifluoromethy1)-, 3389 N, N-difluoro-0-fluorocarbonyl-, 3374 nitroxide, proton exchange reactions, 3249 Hydroxylamines, N-acyl, rotational barriers in.

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