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Backyard Stars: A Guide for Home and the Road by Inc. Klutz

By Inc. Klutz

KLUTZ: most sensible PAPER plane Indestructible, laminated, fold-out publications overlaying ''industrial-strength fun''.

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    Cut a 30-inch (76-cm) piece from the net tube. 40 four-bump chenille stem scissors ruler 3. Tie a knot in the end of the tube. 4. Tie a second knot about 6 inches (15 cm) from the first knot. This will be the tail for the dinosaur. 5. Stuff the tube with Easter grass until you have a round body about 5 inches (13 cm) across. 6. Tie the tube in a knot to secure the grass body. Make several knots at the front of the tube to create the neck and head. 7. Trim off any extra net. 8. Use the marker to draw eyes.

    Clamp two clothespins to the bottom of the body for legs. 7. Working on newspaper, paint the Stegosaurus any colors you want. 8. Glue the wiggle eye to the head. 9. Glue the Stegosaurus to the side of the tissue box. 10. You can cover any writing on the box with strips of masking tape or paint. Keep the box on your desk or worktable for collecting small paper scraps. Stegosaurus (STEG-uh-SAWR-uhs) 33 Hatching Baby Dinosaur Scientists have found fossilized nests of baby dinosaur eggs. Here is what you need: plastic cup bump chenille stem white craft glue 3-inch (8-cm) piece of pipe black cleaner permanent marker scissors brown yarn bits plastic straw masking tape Here is what you do: 1.

    Tape the pipe cleaner to the front inside of the wings. To use the bookmark, slip the pterodactyl over the corner of the page in your book that you want to mark. Pterodactyl (tehr-uh-DAK-tul) 37 Pteranodon Lapel Pin This Pteranodon wants to fly with you! Here is what you need: white craft glue old necktie safety pin tiny wiggle eye scissors thin pipe cleaner ruler Here is what you do: 1. Cut a triangle with a 3-inch (8-cm) base from the tip of the old necktie. 38 2. Cut the base in a slight curve.

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