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Baltic Iron in the Atlantic World in the Eighteenth Century by Evans, C., Rydén, G.

By Evans, C., Rydén, G.

This e-book seems to be on the one of many key advertisement hyperlinks among the Baltic and Atlantic worlds within the eighteenth century - the export of Swedish and Russian iron to Britain - and its position within the making of the fashionable international.

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35 But what is to be gained by tracing an apparently common-sense sequence of events? Firstly, there is much analytical value in following a GCC along its entire length, appraising each link or node that it contains, for this allows an analysis of economic activity that crosses conventional sectoral boundaries. The ‘sequential stages of input acquisition, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, and consumption’ are considered as a whole. The GCC model is also to be commended for highlighting issues of ‘territoriality’ and ‘governance’.

The warehouse of the world 11 stood in the way of rational, productive labour—hence the conceptual concern with the division of labour as a way of reducing human toil to a scientiÀcally irreducible core, shorn of the drinking, joshing, feasting, cruel horseplay and camaraderie that encrusted workshop routine in the Paris of Louis XV. 15 In doing so, the Encyclopédie anticipated Adam Smith, who famously extolled pin making in the opening pages of The wealth of nations. This ‘very triÁing manufacture’, as Smith described it, exempliÀed the ‘increase in the productive powers of labour’ brought about by the division of labour.

46 The labour demands of such a system were formidable: far too high, in fact, to be met by native populations, especially after Old World pathogens brought about demographic collapse in the decades after the Àrst European contacts. Nor could free European migrants be induced to undertake the gruelling labour of sugar harvesting in sufÀcient numbers. The labour needs of the plantations could only be satisÀed through force. Coercing Native Americans or Europeans proved impractical: the former were too few or too elusive, whilst the supply of European candidates for forced labour—condemned criminals 46 A vast literature addresses this issue, from which it is invidious to select just a sample, but see Robin Blackburn, The making of New World slavery: from the baroque to the modern, 1492–1800 (1997) for a synoptic interpretation; Ira Berlin, Many thousands gone: the Àrst two centuries of slavery in North America (Cambridge MA, 1998) for developments in what was to become the USA; and Herbert S.

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