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Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

By Amy Chua

An awe-inspiring, frequently hilarious, and unerringly sincere tale of 1 mother's workout in severe parenting, revealing the rewards-and the costs-of elevating her youngsters the chinese language method.

All first rate mom and dad are looking to do what's top for his or her young children. What Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother finds is that the chinese language simply have a wholly diversified thought of the way to do this. Western mom and dad try and appreciate their children's individuality, encouraging them to pursue their actual passions and offering a nurturing setting. The chinese language think that how one can defend your kids is by way of getting ready them for the longer term and arming them with talents, powerful paintings conduct, and internal self belief. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother chronicles Chua's iron-willed selection to elevate her daughters, Sophia and Lulu, her way-the chinese language way-and the awesome effects her selection conjures up.

listed here are a few issues Amy Chua may by no means let her daughters to do:

• have a playdate
• be in a faculty play
• whinge approximately no longer being in a college play
• no longer be the number one pupil in each topic other than gymnasium and drama
• play any device except the piano or violin
• now not play the piano or violin

in point of fact Lulu and Sophia might by no means have had time for a playdate. They have been too busy training their tools (two to 3 hours an afternoon and double periods at the weekend) and perfecting their Mandarin.

in fact not anyone is ideal, together with Chua herself. Witness this scene:

"According to Sophia, listed here are 3 issues i really acknowledged to her on the piano as I supervised her practising:
1. Oh my God, you're simply getting worse and worse.
2. I'm going to count number to 3, then i would like musicality.
3. If the subsequent time's now not ideal, I'm going to take your whole filled animals and burn them!"

yet Chua calls for as a lot of herself as she does of her daughters. And in her sacrifices-the exacting awareness spent learning her daughters' performances, the workplace hours misplaced shuttling the ladies to lessons-the intensity of her love for her youngsters turns into transparent. Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother is an eye-opening exploration of the diversities in jap and Western parenting--and the teachings mom and dad and kids in every single place educate each other.

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Besides, I was already at a disadvantage because I had an American husband who believed that childhood should be fun. Jed always wanted to play board games with the girls, or go mini-golfing with them, or worst of all, drive them to faraway water parks with dangerous slides. What I liked best to do with the girls was to read to them; Jed and I did that every night, and it was always everyone’s favorite hour of the day. The violin is really hard—in my view, much harder to learn than the piano. First, there is the matter of holding the thing, which isn’t an issue with the piano.

That’s one of the reasons that I insisted Sophia and Lulu do classical music. I knew that I couldn’t artificially make them feel like poor immigrant kids. There was no getting around the fact that we lived in a large old house, owned two decent cars, and stayed in nice hotels when we vacationed. But I could make sure that Sophia and Lulu were deeper and more cultivated than my parents and I were. Classical music was the opposite of decline, the opposite of laziness, vulgarity, and spoiledness. It was a way b at t l e h y m n of the tiger mother 23 for my children to achieve something I hadn’t.

With violin, you have to place your finger exactly on the right spot on the fingerboard—if you’re even just 1/10 of a centimeter off, you’re not perfectly in tune. Even though the violin has only four strings, it can produce 53 different notes measured by half-step increments—and infinitely more tone colors by using different strings and bowing techniques. It’s often said that the violin can capture every emotion and that it’s the instrument closest to the human voice. One thing that the piano and violin have in common—with each other but also with many sports—is that you can’t play extraordinarily well unless you’re relaxed.

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