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Comparative Religion

Beyond Death: The Gates of Consciousness by Stanislav Grof

By Stanislav Grof

Discover a really extraordinary diversity of pursuits, philosophies, religions, and cultures -- from alchemy to angels, Buddhism to Hinduism, delusion to magic. the prestigious authors deliver a wealth of information, visionary pondering, and obtainable writing to every fascinating topic in those lavishly illustrated, large-format paperback books.

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Own evolution. Often this process is represented as a dramatic 'weighing of souls'. In a sequence from the Egyptian A comparable Christian scene shows St Michael before Heaven's Gate bargaining with the Devil for a soul. On the scales the good deeds Book of the Dead, the deceased, of the Christian elect are weighed Hunefer, is brought by Anubis to against the evil, while the Devil and the Hall of Judgment and his helpers try to tip the balance. An approaches the Great Balance. His angel raises the judged soul into the heart is to be weighed against the hands of St Peter.

Stands at one side of the river, a sun The Egyptian Happy Fields are temple at the other. (Papyrus of nourished by the Celestial Nile. Here-Uberkhet, Egypt, 21st Dynasty. ) god, Amen-Ra, is shown kneeling In ecstatic mystical states, such as sometimes immediately precede death, it is not unusual to hear music of supernatural beauty; in worship, harmonious sound mediates the worshipper's approach to the Divine. god Krishna, incarnation of Vishnu, beings, who from their airborne encircles God with nine choirs of dances with his beloved Radha in ships shower the dancers with angels representing hierarchies of the centre of the adoring circle of flowers.

The Buddha's 'Four Noble Truths' This is the Middle Path of the knowledge and peace, leading to A Themes The cycle of death and rebirth was associated in the religion of ancient Egypt with the journey of the sun god across the sky during the day and through the twelve perilous regions of the otherworld during the night. Nut, the sky-goddess, arching to form the vault of the sky, is shown swallowing the solar barge in the evening and giving birth to it in the morning. Its passage through each of the regions of the otherworld, Tuat, is reflected in the successive positions of the sun disc inside the goddess's star-lined body.

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