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Cell and Tissue Culture in Forestry: Specific Principles and by J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (auth.), J. M. Bonga, Don J.

By J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (auth.), J. M. Bonga, Don J. Durzan (eds.)

2. 2. Plant fabrics 2. three. Pregrowth stipulations 2. four. Cryoprotectant therapy 2. five. Freezing 2. five. 1. sluggish freezing 2. five. 2. fast freezing 2. five. three. Droplet freezing 2. 6. garage 2. 7. Thawing 2. eight. Viability trying out 2. nine. Post-thaw regrowth three. EXAMPLES OF CRYOPRESERVATION OF WOODY PLANT fabric four. capability software OF CRYOPRESERVATION IN TREE development 17. NURSERY dealing with OF PROPAGULES - J. A. motive force, and 320 G. R. L. Suttle 1. advent 2. advertisement NURSERY wishes VS. LABORATORY perform three. SEASONALITY OF progress AND creation CYCLES four. MICROPROPAGATION strategies four. 1. developments in advertisement micropropagation four. 1. 1. agreement micropropagation five. elements AFFECTING SURVIVAL AND progress five. 1. Hardening of propagules in vitro five. 2. Greenhouse considerationS------ five. three. box planting five. four. New methods: Direct box rooting five. four. 1. Pretreatment in vitro five. four. 2. Root induction five. four. three. box placement 18. MYCORRHIZAE - R. okay. Dixon, and D. H. Marx 336 1. advent 2. position OF MYCORRHIZAE IN TREE development AND improvement three. construction and alertness OF ECTOMYCORRHIZAL FUNGUS INOCULUM three. 1. Bareroot inventory three. 2. Container-grown inventory four. box TRIALS WITH ECTOMYCORRHIZAL PLANTING inventory five. creation and alertness OF ENDOMYCORRHIZAL INOCULUM 6. box TRIALS WITH ENDOMYCORRHIZAL 7. learn possibilities eight. precis 351 19. TISSUE tradition APPLICATIUN TO woodland PATHOLOGY AND PEST regulate - A. M. Diner, and D. F. Karnosky 1. creation 2. HOST AND PATHOGEN: tradition AND problem 2. 1.

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This feature of hexokinase glucose may be the suggests rate limiting that the phosphorylation of step of hexose oxidation and therefore an important control point of carbon glycolysis and the pentose phosphate pathway. flux through Detailed studies of these two pathways have been carried out with sycamore cells. These studies were based on measurements of enzyme activities and intracellular metabolite levels (25, 28, 43, 80) . Ear ly wor k wi th the glycolytic and the pen tose phosphate pathways (24, 25) had indicated significant changes in the total capacity and in the relative activities of their key enzymes.

Has are attributed with The prevented the of A. 5 and to the particulate instability more of extensive investigation of its physiological role in plant cells growing in batch culture. An insight, albeit in a limited form, into the role of hexokinase is provided by continuous cultures of sycamore 39 cells. These cultures have an advantage over batch cultures in that they can be maintained in steady states in selected growth phases and at specific growth rates (103). In continuous cultures of ~ pseudoplatanus cells (28) the extractable activity of hexokinase remains low at various growth rates in comparison with the activities of other enzymes of carbohydrate oxidation.

The enzyme was found immediately upon the introduction of glycerol-containing a plant medium and the activity to be induced cells into continuously increased before reaching a plateau after 20 days. 2. Nitrogen metabolism. Another important aspect of cellular primary metabolism is the in~orporation of nitrogen into amino acids and ultimately proteins. In boreal forest soils the principal limiting nutrient is nitrogen and its deficiency often curtails the productivity of forest tree species (19).

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