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Church in an Age of Global Migration: A Moving Body by Susanna Snyder, Agnes M. Brazal, Joshua Ralston

By Susanna Snyder, Agnes M. Brazal, Joshua Ralston

This quantity examines the ways that migrants and the phenomenon of migration disclose longstanding gaps and failings inside of Christian groups but in addition open up clean probabilities for church buildings to develop and diversify.

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The many journalists and writers who have researched Bergoglio’s life have emphasized his work among the poor in the villas miserias, s or “misery settlements”—the slums of Buenos Aires. 4 While on one hand, then, the trip to Lampedusa represents the natural continuation of Francis’s ministry at the peripheries and with the poor, on the other hand, it represents a paradigmatic moment signaling to the world his vision of church mission. In addition, it is the first of a series of actions and statements by Francis on the issue of migration.

Untying the Knotss (London: Bloomsbury, 2013), 97. Vallely tellingly titles this chapter of his book (pp. ” 5. eu. 6. it/. The latest update of this website is dated October 4, 2014. According to reliable sources, 1,200 migrants have drowned in the Mediterranean Sea just during the week from April 12 to 19, 2015. html. 7. For a theological reading of the situation at the US-Mexico border, see Gioacchino Campese, “¿Cuantos más?? -Mexico Border,” in A Promised Land, a Perilous Journey: Theological Perspectives on Migration, ed.

We need to let ourselves to be evangelized by them. ”23 The pope makes a key connection between the pilgrim quality of the church and the central role of the poor in it: the church is a community that exists to evangelize but at the same time needs to be evangelized by those who are at the geographical and existential margins of society. Migrants become, then, crucial for ecclesial integrity and growth. In his ecclesiological vision, Francis also centralizes frontiers and peripheries. This is, for him, primarily a hermeneutical issue rather than an ethical one.

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