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Ciba Foundation Symposium 210 - Precision Agriculture:

This e-book investigates new agricultural structures resembling natural and eco-friendly manuring, in addition to built-in pest administration practices, and appears at how they could increase farm productiveness opposed to the improvements for the surroundings. a lot of the knowledge offered makes a speciality of microinvestigation of the soil, and at the results of soil variability inside fields on yields and nutrient flows.


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5 m. The difference was so extreme the patterns were not correlated with each other (Burrough 1991). Meshalkinu: I would like to add that the spatial distribution of the production may not correlate solely with the rooting systems. The distribution of different weed species in the field can be informative, too. Due to the strong competition between weed species on the field under different crops and weather conditions, the maps of the distributions may show the patterns of production variability.

Whether or not we can do this in agriculture, I don’t know. But if we want all farmers to be treated the same, then this sort of legislation has to be at the field scale and not at the catchment scale. Rubbinge: The problem here is that in some areas it is much more difficult to stay below certain levels than in others, depending on the soil type. In this case, farmers are being treated differently by a common legislation. We have been struggling with this legislation over the last year, and we decided that it would be based on the individual farm level.

I think we should help the farmers because they are being victimized; they are at the end of the environmental ‘decision pipe’. I have a feeling that with exploratory modelling, bearing in mind all the different parameters needed, we can come up with a range of management options that would result in farmers being able to meet criteria without having to g o in for all this complex sampling and book-keeping. As scientists we have a responsibility to eliminate all the nonsensical testing that farmers are likely to be required to perform in the future.

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