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Classic Vampire Stories by Leslie Shepard

By Leslie Shepard

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So our alarms were happily ended, and Carmilla restored to her friends. IX. The Doctor As Carmilla would not hear of an attendant sleeping in her room, my father arranged that a servant should sleep outside her door so that she could not attempt to make another such excursion without being arrested at her own door. That night passed quietly; and next morning early, the doctor, whom my father had sent for without telling me a word about it, arrived to see me. Madame accompanied me to the library; and there the grave little doctor, with white hair and spectacles, whom I mentioned before, was waiting to receive me.

The Countess beckoned to her daughter, who listened with grave attention while she told her, in general terms, how suddenly and peremptorily she had been summoned, and also of the arrangement she had made for her under my care, adding that I was one of her earliest and most valued friends. "I made, of course, such speeches as the case seemed to calm for, and found myself, on reflection, in a position which I did not half like. "The gentleman in black returned, and very ceremoniously conducted the lady from the room.

My dear child began to lose her looks and health, and that in a manner so mysterious, and even horrible, that I became thoroughly frightened. "She was at first visited by appalling dreams; then, as she fancied by a specter, something resembling Millarca, sometimes in the shape of a beast, indistinctly seen, walking round the foot of the bed, from side to side. Lastly came sensations. One not unpleasant, but very peculiar, she said, resembled the flow of an icy stream against her breast. At a later time, she felt something like a pair of large needles pierce her, a little below the throat with a very sharp pain.

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