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Eyewitness climate change by DK Publishing, John Woodward

By DK Publishing, John Woodward

The main depended on nonfiction sequence out there, Eyewitness Books supply an in-depth, entire examine their matters with a special integration of phrases and photographs. An in-depth examine the phenomenon of world warming--what's inflicting it, what it could bring about, and what we will do to struggle again.

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It also causes more intense storms that sweep over nearby continents, sometimes with catastrophic effects. Icebergs are floating lumps of glacier ice Meltwater The extra water that is making sea levels rise is coming from melting glaciers and continental ice sheets. If floating sea ice melts, this makes no difference to sea level because the floating ice is already in the sea, and simply changes from solid to liquid. But when ice on land melts, the water that it contains is transferred to the ocean.

The seals that they prey upon will become scarce as they lose their icy breeding habitat. Female bears may not be able to find enough food to see them through the winter when they nurse their young. Unable to hunt effectively on land, many bears will just starve. So it is likely that the polar bear will become extinct in the wild, with just a few surviving in zoos. 37 Predicting future climates Predicting the future has never been easy. It is clear that adding more greenhouse gases to the atmosphere will make the planet warmer, but how much warmer will it get, and what effects will this have on the world?

44 Water resources Wheat crops could benefit from warmer climates Clean, fresh water is vital to life, but droughts will make it scarce in regions that are already semideserts. Shrinking glaciers could have the same effect, because large areas of central Asia and China rely on water stored in the mountain glaciers of the Himalayas. Many South American cities such as Lima in Peru depend on the glaciers of the Andes in the same way. If the glaciers melt, the water that they contain will drain away.

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