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Commanding the Tides (Lords of the Abyss) by Michelle M. Pillow

By Michelle M. Pillow

Terminally ailing, Cassandra Nevin has come to the sea to dwell out her days on a ship with a host of scientists who do not even comprehend she's sick-or that she's no longer even a scientist. whilst anything from the depths of the abyss assaults their boat, leaving her to drown, she is familiar with it is her time. yet then the unbelievable happens-she lives. Iason the Hunter does not comprehend why the lady he is attempting to store from dying turns out insistent he shop an individual yet her. responsibility guaranteed to attempt to rescue whoever he can; he's taking the lady into Deep Ocean, to his domestic underneath the waves. however it would appear a watery grave wasn't the one factor threatening his new charge's existence. to attempt and keep her from her affliction could suggest attainable shame and being banned from ever swimming within the ocean back. yet what else can he do? From the 1st second he observed her, she had command over his center. ranking: includes sexual content material, a few grownup language, and violence.

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There was room in the cart, but it didn't feel right crawling in without her permission. Instead, he grabbed a spare cloak, wrapped it around his body and fell asleep on the hard ground. The next morning, Iason broke his fast by eating as he pulled Cassandra onward. She hadn't moved all night, and, feeling sorry for her, he adjusted her limbs so they didn't get too weary from the same position. He turned her every once and awhile, moving her onto one side and then the other in what he trusted was a comfortable position.

The light hit him just right, contrasting every dip and curve of his muscular body. Not an ounce of fat marred him. He was like a Greek god, his body sculpted as if from Renaissance marble—so hard and perfect. Blond waves spilled over his shoulders. The locks looked a little tangled, but it added a wild appeal to his appearance. If she was hallucinating, Cassandra never wanted to be sane again. Unable to help it, she stared at his firm ass. It dimpled as he walked toward the water. She forgot all about her pain as she watched him, curious as to who he was and what he was doing with her.

If anything, he felt all the more protective of her. Her breasts were small, the nipples pink little dots on her pale flesh. He wanted to touch them, to touch her. A thatch of curly red hair graced the apex of her thighs. It called to him. He wanted to stroke it, to smell her flesh. His heart leapt in his chest. The way she was laying caused her thighs to fall open. It had been so long since he smelled the unique fragrance from a woman's nether region. His cock stirred, growing painfully aroused, more so than it had already been.

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