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Computer Algebra in Scientific Computing: 9th International by V. Álvarez, J. A. Armario, M. D. Frau, P. Real (auth.),

By V. Álvarez, J. A. Armario, M. D. Frau, P. Real (auth.), Victor G. Ganzha, Ernst W. Mayr, Evgenii V. Vorozhtsov (eds.)

This quantity comprises revised models of the papers submitted to the workshop through the contributors and permitted by way of this system committee after a radical reviewing technique. the gathering of papers integrated within the complaints covers not just quite a few increasing purposes of machine algebra to scienti?c computing but in addition the pc algebra platforms themselves and the CA algorithms. The 8 prior CASC meetings, CASC 1998, CASC 1999, CASC 2000, CASC 2001, CASC 2002, CASC 2003, CASC 2004, and CASC 2005 have been held, - spectively, in St. Petersburg, Russia, in Munich, Germany, in Samarkand, Uzb- istan, in Konstanz, Germany, in Crimea, Ukraine, in Passau, Germany, in St. Petersburg, Russia, and in Kalamata, Greece, they usually proved to achieve success. It used to be E. A. Grebenikow (Computing heart of the Russian Academy of S- ences, Moscow) who drew our cognizance to the gang of mathematicians and c- puter scientists on the Academy of Sciences of Moldova engaging in examine within the ?eld of desktop algebra. We have been inspired that this workforce not just is worried with purposes of CA easy methods to difficulties of scienti?c computing but additionally c- ries out study at the primary ideas underlying the present desktop algebra platforms themselves, see additionally their papers within the current court cases v- ume. It used to be accordingly made up our minds to prepare the ninth workshop on desktop Algebra in Scienti?c Computing, CASC 2006, in Chi¸ sin? au, the capital of Moldova.

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The divided polynomial DG–algebra Γ (w, 2n), n ≥ 1, generated by γ1 (w) = w (γ0 (w) = 1) with product the one given by γk (w)γh (w) = (k+h)! k! h! γk+h (w); Given a connected DG–algebra A, one can construct the reduced bar cons¯ ¯ A typical element of truction of A, B(A), whose underlying module is T (sA). ⊗n ¯ ¯ B(A), is denoted by a ¯ = [a1 | · · · |an ] ∈ (sA) . The total differential dB¯ is given by dB¯ = dt + ds , being dt the natural one on the tensor module and ds the simplicial differential, that depends on the product on A.

Let A and A be two commutative connected DG–algebras. There is a con¯ ⊗ A ), B(A) ¯ ¯ ), fB⊗ , gB⊗ , φB⊗ } (see [7]), whose ⊗ B(A traction cB⊗ : {B(A formulas (for the connected case) are recalled here: Reducing Computational Costs in the BPL 45 • fB⊗ is null except for the case fB⊗ [a1 ⊗ 1| · · · |ai ⊗ 1|1 ⊗ ai+1 | · · · |1 ⊗ an ] = [a1 | · · · |ai ] ⊗ [ai+1 | · · · |an ] . • gB⊗ ([a1 | · · · |an ] ⊗ [a1 | · · · |am ]) = [a1 | · · · |an ] [a1 | · · · |am ] . • φB⊗ ¯ ([a1 ⊗ a1 | · · · |an−q ⊗ an−q |an−q+1 | · · · |an ]) n−q−1 ±[a1 ⊗ a1 | · · · |an¯ −1 ⊗ an¯ −1 | = p=0 π (5) (an¯ ∗A · · · ∗A an−q )|cπ(0) | · · · |cπ(p+q) ] , where π runs over the {(p + 1, q)-shuffles}, n ¯ = n − p − q and (c0 , .

Homology, Homotopy Appli. 2 (2000) 51–88 20. : Homotopy Associativity of H-spaces I, II. Trans. N. A. A. A. I. Vinitsky2 1 Belgorod State University, Studentcheskaja St. ru Abstract. A general scheme of a symbolic-numeric approach for solving the eigenvalue problem for the one-dimensional Shr¨ odinger equation is presented. The corresponding algorithm of the developed program EWA using a conventional pseudocode is described too. With the help of this program the energy spectra and the wave functions for some Schr¨ odinger operators such as quartic, sextic, octic anharmonic oscillators including the quartic oscillator with double well are calculated.

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