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Courting Midnight (The Upyr Series, Book 5) (Berkley by Emma Holly

By Emma Holly

The world's oldest residing vampire assumes a mortal identity--and studies a blazing ardour for a lady that brings his drained middle again to lifestyles.

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Caroline doesn’t mind shivering,” Theo put in helpfully. ” Their mother rounded on them without warning. “I hear from London that bosoms are exposed this year. ” Theo grinned at Caroline’s horror. Of all her duties, that one she would enjoy. Caroline’s bosom was much handsomer than Lily’s. Her grin broadened as another possibility occurred to her. If her mysterious “Mr. L” were truly to attend, perhaps she would alter her frock as well. A very little bit of harmless flirting could not hurt anyone.

She wanted things she barely understood: his body inside her, his teeth on her neck, his palm pressed tight to her naked breast. “God,” he breathed, breaking free. He shook as he leaned his forehead against hers. Mesmerized by the idea that his mouth had been pressing hers, she touched his lips with her fingertips. Their surface was satiny. “Don’t,” he warned, and gently pulled her hand away. She was sorry he had stopped her, but she liked the way his gaze burned into hers. “I did not do this,” he said, low and fierce.

She wishes you and your mother to join us for dinner tomorrow night. Mr. ” Caroline merely blinked at this, but Theo was not able to contain her surprise. ” she exclaimed. ” Rather than oblige Lily to answer, Caroline placed her hand over Theo’s, silently urging her to keep quiet. A stroke of fortune as good as this was best left alone. ” “Yes,” Theo seconded. ” Lily was smoothing the fit of her apparently brand new gloves, and did not notice Theo’s wit. “Good,” she said. ” Caroline bowed her head and murmured her thanks for this as well, but Lily was already gone.

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