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Crafts for Kids Who Are Learning about Transportation by Kathy Ross

By Kathy Ross

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6. Attach a button to each end of the pipe cleaner piece by threading the ends through the holes. 7. Use the packing tape to attach the center of the pipe cleaner to the bottom of the airplane. Bend the two wheels down on each side of the tape. 8. Cut a 2-inch (5-cm) piece of plastic straw. Tape the piece of straw to the top of the airplane between the wings. 9. 7-m) piece of string or yarn for the plane to slide on. 10. Thread one end of the yarn through the straw at the top of the airplane. To fly the plane in for a landing, have one person hold the end of the string close to the floor while you hold the opposite end up higher.

Roll the cap inside the foil to cover it. 4. Tuck the 1/4 -inch of excess foil at the open end of the cap inside the opening. 5. Squeeze the top foil into a point to form the top of the rocket ship. Trim off the excess foil. 6. Stick a star on the front of the rocket ship and a pin back on the back. 7. Cut a 6-inch (15-cm) piece of sparkle stem in both red and gold. 8. Fold the red stem in half. Cut the gold stem in half. Insert the sparkle stems into the open end of the rocket ship to look like fire coming out of the bottom.

4. Slide the neck of the balloon into the slit. 5. Inflate the balloon, set the boat in water, and watch it go! Maybe some of the bath buddies from the project on page 38 would like to go for a ride! 5-cm) buttons ruler Here is what you do: 1. Cut a 2- by 9-inch (5- by 23-cm) rectangle from the poster board. Round off the ends to make the wings for the airplane. 40 2. Decorate the wings with sticker stars. Then cover them with the clear packing tape. 3. Turn the bottle on one side. Use the tape to attach the wings to the top center of the bottle.

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