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Crimson City by Liz Maverick

By Liz Maverick

As soon as, this used to be the town of Angels. The angels are not any longer dependable. From the extravagant appetites of the vampire global above, to the gritty defiance of the werewolves under, the threat of darkness lives round each nook, the desire of paradise in each middle. All stroll freely with people in a tentative peace, yet to stay in la is to stability at the fringe of a knife. One girl is aware larger than such a lot that loss of life lurks the following in nights of bliss or hails of UV bullets. She’s approximately to be validated, to flavor real thirst. She’s approximately to regain the facility she’s lengthy been denied. And Fleur Dumont is set to satisfy the single guy who could comprehend her: a tormented protector who’s misplaced his manner and all he enjoyed. 9.36 hours learn by means of Rebecca Rogers

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We're on two-day check-in. " They all laughed. "So, unless you've got something you want to discuss, we'll save the official powwow for tomorrow morning. Go ahead and download your assignments and get out in the field. Anyone have anything? No? Fantastic. Then get the hell out of here. I'll see you tomorrow. " the crew chimed in unison, amidst much eye-rolling. In a flurry of activity, everyone except Cyd grabbed gear and headed out. " Cydney Brighton had the kind of smoky voice that would have made her a bona fide knockout all on its own even if she hadn't been such a natural looker.

Apparently he'd responded to her call for help and traveled up to the vampire strata… and by the end of the night he was in a hospital bed being treated for severe burns to his arms, with no memory whatsoever of what had gone down. All he knew was that he'd failed his wife and that there was no one person to hunt down and no simple way to seek revenge. Thus, when chaos had threatened the city and the government called for recruits, Dain had nothing to lose and everything to gain by answering. It had been a blessing in a way, for people like himself, his partner Cyd, and others like them who now formed the nucleus of B-Ops—real fighters with real street savvy to personally monitor and respond to the primitive violence perpetrated by the fangs and the dogs.

Not right at all," Cyd murmured, shifting uncomfortably in her seat. A few seconds passed. " she drawled, as if she felt the same sense of disaster sneaking up on them both. " She pointed. He gripped the steering wheel. " he said again. Then he took a deep breath to clear his head and lowered the driver's-side window to look out and up where she'd indicated. He turned on the vertical night vision strobes installed in the hood of the car. The beams shot straight up into the night. The green strobes swept through the air, flicking left to right.

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