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Culture and Adult Education: A Study of Alberta and Quebec by Hayden Roberts

By Hayden Roberts

Starting with the speculation that grownup schooling in a zone is formed via its dominant social philosophy or tradition, the background and traits of grownup schooling in Canadian provinces, Alberta and Quebec, are contrasted.

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On the 20 THE FRAMEWORK one hand, there appears to be some attraction in Quebec toward the European—and particularly the French—penchant for conceptualization, for proposing ideas, discussing them, and hazarding the means of realizing them. Besides Schwartz, referred to above, perhaps Edgar Faure, as Head of UNESCO's International Commission on the Development of Education (1972), which produced a report titled Learning to Be, best exemplifies this characteristic. , 1973). On the other hand, there is also some attraction in Quebec toward the more typically North American pragmatism, which sees adult education more in functional, practical terms, emphasizing methods and techniques of management, programming, and teaching, and displaying almost a distrust of theoretical approaches.

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There is an element of spiritual seeking, represented in such "new age" ventures as the Findhorn Community in Scotland (Thompson, 1974: chap. 7), and a concern for planetary crises and solutions found in, for example, cross-cultural learning centres. In Figure 2 the continuum from remedial to social development is extended beyond that point as a dotted line to indicate the tentative and precarious nature of the counter-cultural perspective in contemporary adult education endeavors. It also suggests this type of adult education as being of a different dimension, an intimation that it takes us outside the paradigm into which the others fit.

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