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Dangerous Cravings by Evangeline Anderson

By Evangeline Anderson

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Not safe from these things anywhere, I guess,” I grunted, taking it from her and crumpling it into a ball. ” ***** Alex and I had both taken classes at USF at one time or another, so we went straight to the Edward P. Howell psych building with no problem. “Mm-mm, takes me back,” Alex murmured as we rode up to the fifth floor in the elevator. ” I asked, grinning down at her. “I was thinking more like back to a time before I spent most of my time with a six-footfive galloot, chasing down the bad guys,” she said, punching me on the shoulder.

This is police business -- an official investigation. I hope you realize I would never ask you to do research for any sort of private ... fetish of mine. ” Cole was suddenly behind me, hands on my shoulders, rubbing soothingly. ” “Well, it’s time to stop joking around and get serious,” I shrugged off Cole’s hands and turned around to glare at both of them. ” “Jeez, sorry,” Matt muttered resentfully. Clearly he didn’t understand why I had flown off the handle at his playful banter. To be honest, neither did I.

And I was fine with paying child support, although I was well aware that Amanda really didn’t need it to make ends meet. She’d been out-earning me for the past several years, which she enjoyed pointing out whenever we had an argument. Of course, I’d put her through law school in the first place, a fact she conveniently seemed to forget once the battle lines were drawn. What really bothered me about the whole sorry business was the fact that she was managing to keep me away from my daughter, Madison.

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