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Dangerous dinosaurs by Carey Scott

By Carey Scott

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Like their enemies the theropods, the sauropods belonged to the lizard-hipped type of dinosaurs. n This infant Mussaurus (mouse lizard) is just 7 in (18 cm) long. It belongs to the prosauropod group, once thought to be ancestors of the sauropods. Mussaurus n In China, the bones of sauropods have been boiled and fed to children for their healing properties, n The largest land animal today is the African elephant. Argentinosaurus Q Who was the biggest of them all? A There are several contenders for this title.

People once supposed that the hadrosaurs fed on water plants that grew in swamps, like the modern North American moose. Experts now believe hadrosaurs spent most of their time on dry land. Leaellynasaura Q Did plant-eaters ever live in trees? A When fossils of the ornithopod Hypsilophodon were discovered in 1849, paleontologists believed that this small plant-eater lived in trees. They thought it used its long tail for balancing while it clung onto branches with its sharp toes. Now experts are convinced that none of the plant-eaters lived in trees, although some of the smaller meat-eaters may have been tree-dwellers.

Who was top predator after T. rex? Which animals are as old as dinosaurs? Are birds related to dinosaurs? 52 54 56 58 What killed the dinosaurs? Some 65 million years ago, a catastrophic event occurred that wiped out more than half of all life on Earth, including the dinosaurs. Most experts believe this mass extinction was caused by an enormous asteroid crashing into the Earth. So much dust was blasted into the atmosphere that day became night for months on end and the temperatures plummeted. Close to the impact site the landscape was devastated, and dying dinosaurs would have stumbled around looking in vain for food and shelter.

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