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Dark Fire (The Carpathians (Dark) Series, Book 6) by Christine Feehan

By Christine Feehan

There's consistently a cost to Pay So Darius warned her while she permitted a place along with his touring troupe. And observing mesmerized on the cruel shrink of his mouth, the implacable get to the bottom of on his face, the soulless vacancy of his black eyes, Tempest was once afraid to invite what it used to be. She had continually been diversified, except others. From the instant his fingers closed round her, enveloping her in a sorcerer's spell, Darius looked as if it would comprehend her exact presents. yet did his kiss provide the affection and belonging she sought, or a risk stronger than his personal panthers? someplace deep within herself, Tempest learned she knew the resolution. She had no selection yet to simply accept the velvet stroke of his tongue, undergo the white-hot warmth piercing her pores and skin, welcome an erotic excitement like no other...

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He winced inwardly at the understatement of that particular comment. " Darius carried her into the dining area and placed her in a chair at the table. A bowl of steaming soup was waiting for her. "Eat it, honey. " Tempest found herself attempting a smile. It stung her mouth, then she felt it inside her, spreading warmth. No one, as far back as she could remember, had ever treated her with so much caring. No one had ever made her a bowl of soup. "Thanks for coming after me," she said, stirring the broth, trying, without seeming to, to see what was in it.

But the man hurt you. " "It's far worse to be hurt on the inside," Tempest said, pulling the throw pillows around her as if fashioning them into walls to keep her safe. Chapter Three Syndil stared at Tempest for a long moment. Then her breath escaped in a long, slow hiss. She sat down and leaned forward to try to read Tempest's expression. "It happened to you. Not this time, but sometime in your past. You know what it is like. The fear. " Her eyes sparkled like black ice, like crushed jewels. " She ran her hands up and down her arms, anguish reflected in her enormous eyes.

Tempest. You closed your mind to mine. What is it? Do you think me so formidable that I should not hear your thoughts when you are angry with me? It does not change what is. Nothing is, Darius . How can you talk to me this way, anyway? She decided the best defense was an offense. Let him try to answer that one. Is it because you can talk to animals the way I do? She believed in giving everyone a gracious out. So you are admitting to that now. We might actually be getting somewhere. She glanced in the rearview mirror again.

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