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Dark Warrior by Rebecca York

By Rebecca York

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His heritage had given him a fantastic body, but he never took it for granted. He had thirty-pound weights around his ankles, and after lowering himself to just above the floor, he pulled up again, moving with slow control, making the exercise as difficult as he could. He was a silent partner in energy companies and firms that made everything from computer hardware and software to sports equipment. In addition, he was heavily into the financial markets. He would never have to worry about money, and if the world blew up in a nuclear holocaust or went down in a sea of biological contamination, he had huge shelters waiting where he and his descendants could weather any disaster.

He laughed. Hard to get! Yeah, he’d been hard all right, and he’d been thinking with his cock, not his brain. He’d been arrogant like all the Minot. He thought he could control his craving for an Ionian. He’d been wrong. As soon as he’d taken her in his arms, he’d been lost. His father had told him it was like being offered a drug designed especially for you. His father had been a rational man, and Jason had thought he was just trying to scare his son into caution, but his need for Sophia was everything he’d been warned about.

It’s all right,” her mentor crooned. “Just tell us what happened. ” Would it? Or would anything ever be the same again in the world as Sophia knew it? ” Eugenia inclined her head toward Ophelia, who looked to be the same age as Sophia but was actually ten years older. “Bring her a cup of tea. ” Ophelia went to the small kitchen area at the side of the room and got down a mug, then measured crumbled herb leaves into a tea ball. As she poured in boiling water, the peppermint-lemon scent drifted toward Sophia.

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