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Darkness Technology by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

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I remember switching to a perception where the endless and intricate phosphene was love and the energy of light. I called upon those forces within my being to realign and submit, to let go of all the cogent fears and just exist ... and that innate decision saved me a lot of psychic damage. What is most outstanding about the way it feels is an inability to judge in any way, by any method of the mind ... it is unconquerable, as deep and profound as a totally unconditional love that is life. ” …. I beheld every thought that was going on everywhere in the universe and all possible realities while I was wracked out with this horrible ruthless love.

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When we work with inner alchemy, we can recombine the 64 Amino Acids of DNA by following the 64 eternal laws of change (I Ching), and our cells are able to get in better touch with more subtle forces (Higher Energy). We do this until we reach the divine spark in the original cell. This process can change our atomic structure. 50 Developmental Process of Melatonin The history of melatonin starts around the pre-Cambrian age, when the anaerobic cells started to evolve into a more efficient form of life, called the aerobic state.

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