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Darkness Technology L by Mantak Chia

By Mantak Chia

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Seratonin (5-hydroxytryptamine), the neurotransmitter implicated in many of the functions of consciousness, is synthesized in the brain from the amino acid tryptophan, a basic building block of proteins (Fig. 21). After fulfilling its role in the synaptic cleft (the space between nerve cells), the seratonin molecule is decomposed into inactive by-products (5-hydroxyindole acetaldehyde) by the enzyme MAO (monoamine oxidase). The seratonin molecule differs from the tryptophan molecule only by the addition of a hydroxyl group (OH) and removal of a carboxyl group (COO).

The Taoists speak about nine gems that distill essence. In fact, westerners discovered that the process of generating ovum and sperm starts in the pineal gland. A hormonal message, sent to the pituitary and other glands, eventually results in the production of the egg and sperm in the sexual glands. By bringing up this essence, we reconnect the circuit, enhancing and strengthening a more refined production of hormone that slowly starts a transformation, slowing the aging process and enabling the great masters to achieve their remarkable attainments.

The person retains a child-like biological condition where melatonin is conserved and recycled, not wasted in biological continuation. When this substance works together with the yellow marrow in the bone, the reddish firing reaction will activate a gentle interaction between the sacred water and the light. The sacred waters are the inner fluids that are responsible for producing bone marrow and other bodily fluids. The waters run not only in the center of the bones, but also in the spinal connections between the Crown and Perineum Points.

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