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Dead of Night by Brendan DuBois

By Brendan DuBois

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This is so cool -- I knew it! ” “Hold it,” I said indignantly. “What do you mean ‘platonic friendship crap’? ” Tara frowned. ” “It was all I could find,” I said, trying not to sound defensive, but Tara went plowing on through like I hadn’t said a word. ” she finished. “Of course not. We’re friends. Best friends -- partners. But that’s all,” I emphasized.  I don’t know. I gave him a shoulder rub earlier in the day, and he didn’t seem upset. But when I went to give him the back massage, he just freaked out.

She was also brilliant, gorgeous, and utterly unattainable. To say I was smitten would be an understatement. I fell hard and fast and never looked back. The partnership that was supposed to last for two weeks had somehow stretched into almost five years, and had become the best and deepest friendship of my life. But that was all it was, just a friendship. That’s where the regret came in. Because I loved Dani Linden with every fiber of my being, but I knew by now she was never going to return that love.

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