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Deeper Than the Night by Amanda Ashley

By Amanda Ashley

Giggling at neighborhood superstitions that the spell binding Alexander Claybourne is a centuries-old vampire, Kara Crawford befriends the good-looking stranger and starts off an otherworldy event of the guts.

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Kara shook her head. It wasn't like her to be suspicious. Nana often said Kara was too trusting, too gullible, for her own good, and maybe she was. But she preferred to think the best of people instead of the worst. She knew there was evil in the world, but she saw no point in dwelling on it just because the six o'clock news couldn't talk about anything else. After all, there was good in the world, too. And Alexander Claybourne proved it. He had donated blood to a total stranger, and then come by to see how she was doing.

As soon as the nurse left the station, he walked past the desk and stepped into the Intensive Care Ward. There was only one patient: Kara Elizabeth Crawford, age twenty-two, blood type A negative. She was swathed in bandages, connected to numerous tubes and monitors. He quickly perused her chart. She had sustained no broken bones, though she had numerous cuts and contusions; a gash in her right leg had required stitching. She had three bruised ribs, a laceration in her scalp, internal bleeding.

Alexander leaned back in his chair, his thoughts turning from Lilith to Kara. She would be waiting for him tomorrow night. The thought filled him with anticipation. And dread. Chapter Five Kara thought the hours would never pass. She fidgeted through dinner, listened impatiently as Gail recited her homework, stared at the TV without seeing a thing. At eight-thirty, she tucked Gail into bed and said good night to Nana. At nine o'clock, she took a long, leisurely bubble bath, dressed in a pair of silky black pants and a pale pink sweater, combed her hair, brushed her teeth, applied her lipstick with care.

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