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Demon from the Dark (Immortals After Dark Series, Book 8) by Kresley Cole

By Kresley Cole

From New York Times bestselling writer Kresley Cole comes this hot story of a demon outcast poisoned with vampire blood and the weak younger witch he vows to protect—even from himself.

A risky DEMON SHE CAN’T withstand . . .

Malkom Slaine: stricken by his sordid previous and racked by means of vampiric hungers, he’s driven to the edge by means of the green-eyed attractiveness lower than his guard.


Carrow Graie: hiding her personal sorrows, she lives just for the subsequent occasion or prank. till she meets a tortured warrior worthy saving.

TRAPPED jointly IN A SAVAGE criminal . . .

In order for Malkom and Carrow to outlive, he needs to unharness either the demon and vampire within him. whilst Malkom turns into the nightmare his personal humans feared, will he lose the lady he craves physique and soul?

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Thought to be an urban legend. THE SCARB A "Abominations, created rather than born, with unnatural powers--and hungers. " Demons poisoned with vampire blood who retain the traits of both species. Previously thought to be truly mythical; considered abominations by most in the Lore. Strongest of any sentient immortal being. Colloquially known as vemons. THE VAMPIRES Two warring factions, the Horde and the Forbearer Army. Each vampire seeks his Bride, his eternal wife, and walks as the living dead until he finds her.

The girl was her second cousin, and she belonged to the exact three castes that Carrow did, with her strength in the warrior caste. Just like me. Ruby's green eyes blinked open. " When Ruby's tears weled, Carrow felt a pang like a blade in her heart. " Ruby's body tensed against hers. Eyes wild, she cried, "Mommy t-told me not to kil them! B-but when they hurt her, it ... " She was beginning to pant, her breaths shalowing. "Shh, you're al right now. " When Ruby got overly excited, she would hyperventilate, even passing out on occasion.

The Trothans' beloved prince had been captured. Blinded by his hatred for Malkom--a slave turned commander--Ronath had unwittingly doomed Kalen and al the Trothans. Malkom had already planned his own revenge. As he was neither noble nor good like Kalen, his retribution would be far more vicious than the prince could ever envision. Without warning, a vampire traced into the room, teleporting directly onto the throne. Clad in costly silk robes, the male was palid, his skin untouched by Oblivion's blistering sun.

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