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Demon Seed (Good Will Ghost Hunting) by Lesli Richardson

By Lesli Richardson

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Stalked. It was creepy, a feeling she hadn’t had on any of the other investigations. Not even the incident in the elevator in Miami felt like this. Tonight it grew progressively worse. In fact, it creeped her out so much she was about to go in search of the others when one of the sound guys walked in. As quickly as it arrived, the feeling disappeared. She chided herself on her nerves. Probably PWS—putting up with Will’s shinola. **** Will was sorting through equipment in the van when Aidan walked up.

I wouldn’t mind sharing a room with Will, Kal thought before she could clamp down on it. No, like that would ever happen. Hell would freeze over before Will would even ride in a car with her, much less share a hotel room. Maybe her infrequent contact with the brooding, mysterious cousin made him more romantically appealing to her. His stony, slate grey eyes pierced through her very soul the few times she talked to him, interactions that left her short of breath, heart racing, and with an uncomfortable dampness between her legs despite her attempts to put on a cool, professional front.

You’re a terrible liar,” she said. She couldn’t read the emotion behind his smile. ” “What is. The deal. ” Not that she expected Aidan’s answer to be any different than all the other times she’d asked him this exact same question. “He’s a very private guy, sugar. ” “Why doesn’t he want women on the shoots? ” Aidan nervously shifted behind the wheel. She knew his fidgeting was more than trying to get comfortable. “He just doesn’t. ” “Look, I need this job, you want this job, so why don’t you work with me instead of against me?

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