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Destiny Matrix by Jack Sarfatti

By Jack Sarfatti

"A wealthy tightly woven tapestry of synchronicities; a real greater than lifestyles panoramic epic; an anthology of North seashore San Francisco writers created in "Super imaginative and prescient" via Jack Sarfatti, the visionary physicist, who made "The Dancing Wu Li Masters" possible."

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48 The timelike geodesic connecting two events has the longest experienced “proper time” than any neighboring path close to it that passes through the same two events. This is an example of the “action principle” from the “calculus of variations” that is universal in all of theoretical physics. 49 A straight line geodesic in hyperspace is not a straightest path in lower dimensional spacetime anymore than the 4-dim spacetime geodesic is the straightest path in lower dimensional 3-dim space. 50 As Saul-Paul points out, Einstein’s special relativity of 1905 is a hyperspace theory beyond Newton’s “absolute” 3-dim space.

Would not allow it. Gamma rays are higher energy per quantum than X-rays. I worked with Bethe in 1960 on correcting an error in Julian Schwinger’s WWII MIT Rad Lab report on polarization of synchrotron radiation at small angles off the plane of the charged particle orbit. I also, independently of others like Keith Brueckner and the JASONS, got the idea, of using laser beams to confine hot fusion plasmas. This was why Ron Bullough invited me to UKAERE Harwell in 1966. 56 Breen was funded by his coin dealing, but also, via Sheldon, by one of the four founders of Texas Instruments with OSS connections in WWII -- E-mail from Richard Newsome.

Einstein had explained gravity by his deep insight of genius by locally eliminating it! e. in a small region of space and time. Although Galileo knew that all objects fall with the same acceleration in a vacuum45, the full meaning of this was not understood until Einstein read about a painter falling off his ladder who said he did not feel any weight. Einstein called this the happiest moment of his life because it led him to the modern understanding of the “equivalence principle”. 41 Legendary, perhaps mythical, super secret US military laboratories staffed by Dr.

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