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Developments in Hydraulic Conductivity Research by Oagile Dikinya

By Oagile Dikinya

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The finite element mesh of the model is shown in Fig. 19, and the FEM program was run to simulate the excavation effect of the tunnel. Fig. 20 shows the deformation zone and plastic zone of the rock mass after the tunnel excavation. Fig. 21 plots the excavation-induced changes in hydraulic conductivities around the circular tunnel, which are directly compared with the results presented in Liu et al. (1999). Fig. 19. Finite element mesh for simulation of a tunnel excavation. (a) (b) Fig. 20. E-03 Fig.

As shown in Fig. 12, each fracture plays a role in the hydraulic conductivity of the rock mass, and its contribution primarily depends on its stress state, its occurrence, as well as its connectivity with other fractures. Also shown in Fig. 12 is the scale effect of the rock mass on hydraulic properties. When the size of the rock mass is small, only a few number of fractures are included and heterogeneity of the hydraulic conductivity of the rock mass may dominate. As the population of factures grows with the increasing size, an upscaling scheme may be available to derive a representative hydraulic conductivity tensor for the rock mass at the macroscopic scale.

76). 1 Hydraulic conductivity of the surrounding rock of a circular tunnel in the Stripa mine Here we compare the proposed method with results from a previous study as presented by Liu el al. (1999) by applying the method to an excavated circular tunnel with a biaxial stress field, σx and σz. The physical model is illustrated in Fig. , 1984; Pusch, 1989). The following description about the tunnel is directly taken from Liu et al. , 1984; Pusch, 1989) to measure the permeability of a large volume of low permeability fractured rock mass by monitoring water flow into a 33 m long section of the tunnel, as a large scale in-situ experiment for the research and development programs of underground geological disposal of nuclear wastes of the participating countries of the Stripa Project.

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