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Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine by C. Schiepers (auth.), Christiaan Schiepers MD, PhD (eds.)

By C. Schiepers (auth.), Christiaan Schiepers MD, PhD (eds.)

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Another application of 99mTc_HMPAO is to map 1987, 1988; DEVOUS et al. 1989; ROWE et al. 1989; MARKS et al. 1992; NEWTON et al. 1992; RAMSEY et al. the distribution of amobarbital in the intracarotid 1992). Numerous studies have suggested that ictal Wada test (HIETALA et al. 1990; JEFFERY et al. 1991; imaging is more sensitive than interietal scanning in HART et al. 1993). Administration of intracarotid temporal lobe epilepsy (ROWE et al. 1989). In these amobarbital was first used to indicate hemispheric studies a simultaneous EEG recording is obtained dominance for language in patients who were to unand the radiopharmaceutical injected within 1 or dergo surgery for intractable epilepsy and is current2 min of the onset of seizure.

J Neurochem 49:522-527 Atlas SW (1991) Intraaxial brain tumours. In: Atlas SW (ed) Magnetie resonance imaging of the brain and spine. Raven Press, New York, pp 379-409 Baron JC, Bousser MG, Comar D, Soussaline F, Castaigne P (1981) Noninvasive tomographie study of cerebral blood flow and oxygen metabolism in vivo. Potentials, limitations, and clinieal applieations in cerebral ischemie disorders. Eur NeuroI20:273-284 Baronti F, Conant KE, Giuffra M, Davis TL, Brughitta G, Iadarola M, Berrettini WH, Chase TN, Mouradian MM (1991) Opioid peptides in Parkinson's disease: effeets of dopamine repletion.

Q J Nucl Med 42: 166-178 Friedland RP, Budinger TF, Ganz E, Yano Y, Mathis CA, Koss B, Ober BA, Muesman RH, Derenzo SE (1983) Regional cerebral metabolie alterations in dementia of the Alzheimer type: oositron emission tomography with [18Flfluorodeoxyglucose. J Comput Assist Tomogr 7:590-598 Friston KJ, Holmes AP, Worsley KI, Poline JB, Frith CD, Frackowiak RS (1995) Statistieal parametrie maps in functional imaging: a general linear approach. Hum Brain Map 2:189-210 Frost JJ (1986) Measurement of neurotransmitter receptors by positron emission tomography: focus on the opiate receptor.

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