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Diplomacy of Connivance by Bertrand Badie (auth.)

By Bertrand Badie (auth.)

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The aim for inclusiveness was a novelty, but probably all the better to dominate and exclude in a different way. But there was precisely nothing inclusive about the appeal. The famous exchange, perhaps too remarkable to be true, between Jawaharlal Nehru, prime minister of India, and John Foster Dulles, United States secretary of state, illustrates its limits. ” the Pandit answered, “Yes” (Tharoor 2003: 186). The American official insisted that neutrality between “good and evil” did not exist. The attraction effect was by no means insignificant: India, like Egypt, Indonesia, and Ethiopia, was courted assiduously by the two superpowers.

He just barely accepted the idea of a “counter-intervention” to neutralize or demolish the coalition of those who backed the despots. ” Once established, the idea would no longer disappear. Everything became possible, down to restoring shape to the “armed missionaries” that troubled Robespierre. The Concert probably grew out of the policy of intervention, but in its impasses lay the reasons for its shortcomings and its failures. When addressing princes, it received little attention: when in April 1831 a conference was held on a French initiative to encourage Gregory XVI to undertake reform, it had virtually no effect on the Supreme Pontiff.

In this regard, in any case, things have not changed much, just barely adjusted to today’s world and its new taboos. The five dilemmas mentioned continue to operate, leaving club diplomacy with that whiff of ambiguity that still pervades global politics. In it are all the premises of its ineffectiveness and the source of its failures. Recriminations and even animadversions have been continually heaped on a method from which the most seasoned diplomats expect little. ” The diplomat added to the list the disastrous effect of the presence of politicians, which Commynes had long ago warned against, fearing their blunders, their faux pas, and their immoderate penchant for grooming their own image (Berridge, 2005: 175, 178).

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