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Discover Life Through the Ages. A Carnegie Activity Book by Laura C. Beattie

By Laura C. Beattie

An engrossing mixture of video games, brainteasers, and tales makes studying the fundamentals of normal technological know-how and heritage fun.

Ages 8-12

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A” has been done for you. ) Millions of Years Ago A. first life 3,650 B. fish 450 C. land plants 400 D. birds 140 E. reptiles 300 F. multicelled creatures 700 G. humans 2 H. mammals 200 I. Tyrannosaurus rex 70 J. whale 60 Extra Challenge: Find A (first life) on the calendars. Then find when simple, one-celled animals evolved into multicelled creatures (F). What a long time! Find a real calendar and count the days between A and F. Then do the math. Number of days ___ x 10,000,000 years = years.

Find and circle these names of plants and animals whose fossils have been found in coal and closely related rocks. The names are hidden up, down, across, and diagonally. Some of them are even backwards. Where Did Everybody Go? Something strange happened around 245 million years ago. Almost 90 percent of all ocean-living species became extinct. Gone, for example, were all the trilobites and all but a handful of cephalopod species. Land plants and animals were reduced, too, although not as severely.

The entire time that life has been on Earth can be shown on the imaginary calendar below, where today is December 31 and each day equals 10 million years ago. Life first appeared 3,650 million years ago, or 365 imaginary days ago, on January 1. See if you can figure out the dates for the appearances of the other plants and animals listed below. For each organism, decide how many days ago it would have appeared, count that number backwards on the calendar below from December 31, and then print its letter in the correct square.

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