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Great Britain

Divorced, Beheaded, Died: The History of Britain's Kings and by Kevin Flude

By Kevin Flude

Encompassing homicide, civil warfare, adultery, usurpation, and insanity, this is the basic advisor to Britain's Kings and Queens, written with a full of life wit and jam-packed with helpful proof and information The stories of many of the monarchs of england are probably the most attention-grabbing within the country’s colossal background. From Henry VIII and his six better halves and Edward VIII's abdication to a couple of the lesser-known and legendary monarchs reminiscent of King Arthur, this delightfully witty and informative consultant takes you on a gallop throughout the background of Britain's monarchs. tales commence with the mythical King Brutus, during the homes of Tudor and Stuart, and as much as the Windsors, together with the most important monarchs of Scotland and Wales. realize the sticky finish that passed off Edward II, the tale of the teenage queen of britain who reigned for only a fortnight, and discover no matter if Macbeth rather was once a king of Scotland. awarded in an available, chronological layout, this booklet is full of attention-grabbing and fun evidence which are bound to entertain any background fanatic.

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Their aggressive attacks on the neighbouring kingdom of the Atrebrates (Hampshire) led their king, Verica, to seek Roman protection, giving Emperor Claudius an excuse to invade in AD 43. Within a short while, Togodumnus was killed and Caratacus had lost his kingdom. But he did not give up, and led a staunch and bloody campaign against the Romans for several years. Finally, the Romans forced a pitched battle in Wales in AD 51 and Caratacus was defeated, although he managed to escape. He attempted to persuade the large northern tribe of the Brigantes to join the anti-Roman resistance, but was betrayed by their queen, Cartimandua, and handed over to the Romans.

His extraordinary achievements are the reason why he remains the only English king to be given the sobriquet ‘the Great’. EDWARD THE ELDER Reigned 899–924 Alfred’s son had a disputed succession, as his cousin Aethelwold also claimed the throne. Edward defeated Aethelwold, who fled but returned with a Danish army. Aethelwold and Eohric, King of the East Anglian Danes, were among the notables slaughtered by Edward’s army at a bloody battle in Cambridgeshire in 901. Edward followed this up by defeating the Northumbrian Vikings.

757–796 Offa was King of Mercia, by far the most important kingdom in the eighth century. He took advantage of instability in various other kingdoms, and took control of Kent, Sussex and East Anglia, thereby subjecting most of Britain to his rule by the 780s. He corresponded with Emperor Charlemagne of France as an equal, and re-introduced coinage to Britain in order to trade with the Frankish empire. His power and influence were so great that he even managed to force the Church to create a new Mercian archdiocese in Lichfield.

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