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DOE handbook. Chemical management

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1 Appendix A During the 1999 joint DOE/Energy Facility Contractors Group Chemical Safety Workshop, a subgroup was formed to better integrate Chemical Management into the Department’s ISM policy. The team, representing both DOE and contractor representatives from across the complex, developed the following sample Lines of Inquiry. REVIEW CRITERIA AND SAMPLE LINES OF INQUIRY FOR CHEMICAL MANAGEMENT FOCUSING ON CHEMICAL HAZARDS MANAGEMENT The following provides a collection of lines of inquiry that could be used in an assessment of the chemical management functional area.

Picric acid is normally used as an aqueous solution and an explosive mixture results when the solution crystallizes. Eight similar occurrences involving picric acid were found dating back to 1990. In these events, explosive safety specialists removed the acid and either chemically neutralized it or detonated it in a safe area. (OE Weekly Summary 98-05) Inadequate control of chemical hazards. • The Type A investigation of a sodium potassium (NaK) accident that occurred at the Y-12 plant on December 8, 1999, identified a lack of understanding of the hazard from NaK and its reactive byproducts as one of the root causes of the accident.

How is chemical storage and use policed? How are excess or waste chemicals disposed of? What processes are in place to assure chemicals are not abandoned when work on a project ceases? ƒ What means are employed to ensure that the identified controls are implemented, and are operable and functioning so long as a chemical hazard is present? ƒ Is personal protective equipment required to be used for any activity involving hazardous chemicals? Has substitution of a less hazardous chemical been considered?

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