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Dogs and Cats by Rochelle Baltzer

By Rochelle Baltzer

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Obedient (oh-BEE-dee-uhnt) – willing to obey commands. point – body parts of a Siamese cat (face, ears, feet, and tail) that have darker fur. sable – having black-tipped hairs on a silver, gold, gray, fawn, or brown background. sacred (SAY-kruhd) – connected with the worship of a god. stubborn – not wanting to change one’s ideas or stop doing something. vocal – expressing oneself freely or loudly. com. These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available.

Cats can make more than Most cats do not have eyelashes. Cats can be trained to use a Dogs have toilet! twice as many muscles in their ears as humans. breeds can understand about 250 words. The smartest dog 42 teeth, while a human typically has 32. A dog usually has 30 Glossary affectionate (uh-FEHK-shuh-nuht)– showing feelings of love. blotch – a large, uneven spot. breed – a group of animals sharing the same ancestors and appearance. confident – sure of oneself. fawn – a light grayish brown color.

These links are routinely monitored and updated to provide the most current information available.

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