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Dreaming Awake by Gwen Hayes

By Gwen Hayes

Haden Black replaced Theia Alderson's lifestyles whilst he seemed in her desires. And to avoid wasting Haden, Theia sacrificed every little thing, however the risky cut price she made can have lasting repercussions. Now Theia is weak to a similar lethal hungers that Haden has lengthy struggled with-and their go back to Serendipity Falls may try their keep an eye on. And an individual from Haden's prior is decided to damage Theia from the interior out, beginning with these closest to her...

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I don’t need to feed to survive, because I’m half-human. I’ve never drained a soul completely—but I have to admit that I’ve swiped a bit of essence now and then. ” Well, it didn’t make me think of puppies and rainbows. “You’re a demon, Haden. ” “It doesn’t hurt them if you just take a bit. I know that isn’t an excuse, and I haven’t done it in a while. ” He didn’t look away from me, almost as if he was daring me to turn away from him. As if I had any right to judge. ” I didn’t want to admit how difficult it had become.

My greatest joy comes from flustering you. Your cheeks pinken so sweetly. ” I brought my fingertips to my face. Scorching. ” “Good night, Theia. ” I never thought I’d fall asleep. As I approached the edge of it, despite knowing better, I let it welcome me back. * * * It had been a long time since I’d awoken while dreaming. One moment, I’d been lying in bed drifting into slumber; the next, I was standing outside. Stars danced across the navy blue sky and the moon provided an ambient light. A blanket of red and black rose petals carpeted the ground beneath my bare feet, soft and delicate.

I suppose he was. And he knew very well the effect he had on me. Haden didn’t feign ignorance about his sex appeal—he enjoyed the attention, courted the reaction. That’s not to say he was egotistical. He’d be the first to admit his failings. His smoldering appeal was just part of what made him Haden. Desire was a natural state of being in his world—using it, feeling it, receiving it was all the same to him. As if he knew what I was thinking, a slow grin eased across his face. So much of our courtship had been spent by me trying to cipher whether Haden had really wanted me or not.

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