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Electronic Transitions and the High Pressure Chemistry and by H. G. Drickamer, C. W. Frank (auth.)

g). In the time scale associated with these thermal transitions any selection rules formally associated with them are relaxed. Since there can be energy differences of the order of 1 eV or more between the highest occupied [Refs. on p. 43] Thermal Versus Optical Transitions 35 levels of g and u parity, this factor can make a significant contribution to the difference under consideration. Finally, one must recognize that the diagram in Fig.

The case shown has both AS and AH positive. The point B corresponds to the solution for T = 00 (or for AH = 0), and demonstrates that the term in AS 'biases' the infinite temperature site fraction. It can be shown that this simple case cannot account for many of the experimental observations. 2 Interacting centers (r #- 0) From our earlier remarks, we can generate the graphical solution by drawing the straight line with slope -2rjkB T through the point 1 AH AS) Th 1. h . ( 2' kB T - k B ' e resu tmg constructIOn IS sown m FIg.

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