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Emerging bioresources with nutraceutical and pharmaceutical by Seema Patel

By Seema Patel

Bankruptcy 1: Introduction.- bankruptcy 2: An underutilized tropical plant Psidium cattleianum (Strawberry guava).- bankruptcy three: Opuntia end result as resource of cheap useful foods.- bankruptcy four: nutrition and pharmaceutical capability of Carissa genus.- bankruptcy five: Portulaca oleracea: an untapped bioactive repository for overall healthiness amelioration.- bankruptcy 6: Grape seeds: Agro-industrial waste with great sensible nutrition potential.- bankruptcy 7: most modern and strong entrant to the practical meals area: Chia seeds.- bankruptcy eight: Prosopis genus as nutrients and drug repository: Exploring the literature databases.- bankruptcy nine: Resurgence of curiosity in old grain quinoa (Chenopodium quinoa): An appraisal.- bankruptcy 10: A promising CAM healing for a number of cancers: Milk thistle (Silybum).- bankruptcy eleven: Chaga (Inonotus obliquus) mushroom: Nutraceutical review in line with most modern findings.

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6 Conclusion The findings furnished above say loud for the nutraceutical potential of Opuntia fruits. Despite being rich in nutrients, they are yet to get credit as a major food source. Localized production, prickly fruits and perishability are the impediments in popularity. Recognition of other disadvantages and efforts to eliminate them will catapult these fruits to regular fruit platter. Quality improvement by genetic intervention, blocking post-harvest loss and incorporation in processed foods will boost References 27 consumer acceptability and evoke research interest on this low-profile fruits.

Nutr J 4:25 Chapter 4 Food and Pharmaceutical Potential of Carissa Genus Abstract Shrubs belonging to Carissa genus (Apocyanaceae family) are potential sources of food and medicine, yet they have an obscure status and rarely been exploited. Since antiquity, the stem, root bark, leaves, fruit and seed extracts have been used in folk medication. Now, the emerging scientific investigations are validating the ethno-medicinal uses of this genus. Bioactive compounds ranging from polyphenolics, flavonoids, flavanones and lignans to sesquiterpenes have been isolated from them.

2012a) investigated the efficacy of O. ficus indica f. Inermis fruit juice in reversing oxidative damage of rat RBCs induced by chronic ethanol intake. Pre-administration of 2–4 ml/100 g juice to ethanol-intoxicated rats significantly restored the decrease in metabolic enzymes viz. SOD, CAT, GSH-Px. O. ) Mill. juice has been credited to cancel the ulcerogenic effect of ethanol by promoting mucus production and the restoration of the normal mucosal structure (Galati et al. 2003). Osorio-Esquivel et al.

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