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Environmental Politics: New Geographical and Social by Corrado Poli

By Corrado Poli

A switch within the means people relate to nature may be the start line for a brand new politics, with a purpose to additionally impact family members between people. a brand new method might support to considerably rework the construction procedure, now not since it is unjust within the frequently thought of social phrases, yet since it endangers nature and humanity.
So a ways, the electorate’ grassroots corporations have didn't win large consensus and political energy within the consultant associations. while the time involves rework the only environmental factor into an electoral platform, environmentalists lose harmony and effectiveness considering the fact that they lack a standard political imaginative and prescient and an resulting technique. nevertheless eu politics is quickly remodeling as the problem introduced via so-called populist movements.
We have to rework activists’ shared feelings and attitudes into political ideologies and systems. in addition, a brand new academic strategy and a brand new technological know-how politics are essential to reform environmental policy.

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Thus we show our superiority even over the most powerful natural events. We can claim that this epochal juncture was reached at the moment the human genome was mapped, opening the way to cloning the human being and to the biogenetic revolutions already in progress. All this happened in the mid-1900s. Arendt, like other philosophers and epistemologists, identifies the remote origin of this epochal change in the diffusion of the Copernican theory and in Galileo’s discoveries, which proved that: : : : the worst fear and the most presumptuous hope of human speculation ( : : : ) and the Archimedean wish for a point outside the earth, from which to unhinge the world, could only come true together, as though the wish would be granted only provided that we lost reality and the fear was to be consummated only if compensated by the acquisition of © Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2015 C.

It is assumed that the environmental issue is the most likely catalyst of a feasible radical change. The chapter also includes considerations about current international politics and science policy/politics. Keywords Environmental policy • Science polity • Postmodernism • Environmental ethics • Philosophy of science Definitions of Nature and Environment Nature and environment are different concepts and there is remarkable philosophical arguing about their meaning. Dale Jamieson claims that in some cases they can be used interchangeably.

The sustainable development fallacy/fraud was also applied to political groups and leaders. Most of the leaders of the green parties and environmentalist advocacy groups had been educated in a political philosophy which was almost completely unaware of environmental issues and ethics. Their political training and experience was based 16 2 From Compromise to Fraud on civil rights, labor relations and equality issues. Only some of these issues had an environmental content and generally, environmental concerns occurred as a tangent to other concerns, such as in reducing cancer risks for workers employed in polluting industries.

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