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ESHU-ELLEGUA ELEGBARRA; Santeria and the Orisha of the by Original Publications Spiritual Books & Supplies

By Original Publications Spiritual Books & Supplies

Yoruba theology teaches that there are 401 powers of the "angels" known as Orisha whose function is to behave as protectors and facilitators of humankind; there also are 201 powers of the left known as Ajogun "demons" whose position is to give people with demanding situations and stumbling blocks. Eshu's position is exclusive simply because he's either an Orisha and the chief of the Ajogun! he's the single in four-hundred-and-one and the only in two-hundred-and-one.

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Ritual and Its Consequences: An Essay on the Limits of Sincerity

This pioneering, interdisciplinary paintings exhibits how rituals let us reside in a perennially imperfect global. Drawing on numerous cultural settings, the authors make the most of psychoanalytic and anthropological views to explain how ritual--like play--creates ''as if'' worlds, rooted within the creative capability of the human brain to create a subjunctive universe.

Holy Fools in Byzantium and Beyond (Oxford Studies in Byzantium)

There are saints in Orthodox Christian tradition who overturn the traditional thought of sainthood. Their behavior will be unruly and salacious, they might blaspheme or even kill--yet, mysteriously, these round them deal with them with much more reverence. Such saints are referred to as "holy fools. " during this pioneering examine Sergey A.

Gods in the Global Village: The World’s Religions in Sociological Perspective

In a global stricken by spiritual clash, how can some of the non secular and secular traditions coexist peacefully on this planet? And, what function does sociology play in supporting us comprehend the nation of non secular existence in a globalizing international? In the Fourth Edition ofGods within the worldwide Village, writer Lester Kurtz keeps to handle those questions.

Prophecy in the New Millennium: When Prophecies Persist

Secular and non secular prophets of doom abound within the information-rich twenty-first century - as they've got for millennia. yet there has but to be around the globe floods, meteor influence, worldwide machine failure, noticeable alien touch, or direct intervention from God to finish the area as we all know it. contemplating the frequency with which prophecy it appears fails, why do prophecies stay made, and what social services do they serve?

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To get at the mental and spiritual processes at work during conversion, rather than to establish any docWe have before us a purely inductive investigatrines. tion, to take the bare records of this class. of experiences, without a thesis to be proven or anything to guide us but the axioms of scientific criticism, to compare them, to derive what conclusions seem forthcoming, and to view these in the light of modern psychology. The raw material for our study consists principally 21 THE PSYCHOLOGY OF RELIGION 22 in autobiographies written in response to personal soliciAutobiographies in books were usually dis- tation.

Dr J. , p. A. Gilbert, Studies from the Yale Psychological Laboratory, and Vol. , p. 40. ^^ The amount of carbonic acid in the breath is greatly increased at this period, showing the increment in the processes which tear down and build up the system. Both boys and girls increase faster in height and weight than at any other time in life. These marked transformations come within the same general shall inquire period as most frequent conversions. what is the probable relation between them. If we turn to the results of measurements of the height and weight of children, we find a close connection between these two aspects of growth and the heaviest peaks in the conversion curves those at 13 for females and 16 for males.

There is some evidence, The harmony in also, of the third rise in the curves. the groups of males is no less striking. There is one bare exception to the culmination of the curves at about 16; there is generally a rise at about 12, and some indication of a third rise at 18 or 19. may safely lay it down as a law, then, that among the females ther^ two tidal waves of religious awakening at about 13' We . ^ accidental, or may be due in some instances* to condiIt is of interest tA notice tions which are determinable.

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