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Essential Words for the GRE: Your Vocabulary for Success on by Philip Geer

By Philip Geer

An in depth operating vocabulary is a prerequisite for test-taking luck at the GRE Graduate list examination. This revised and up to date try out instruction advisor offers 800 college-graduate-level phrases with definitions that often look at the examination, whereas additionally familiarizing attempt takers with how the phrases are regularly utilized in numerous contexts. extra good points comprise a pretest that serves as a diagnostic, a long glossary with huge sentence-completion routines, and a bankruptcy that discusses and analyzes crucial be aware roots. The booklet concludes with an in depth posttest. solutions are supplied for all routines and for all questions within the posttest.

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Antediluvian adj. prehistoric Most o f our knowledge o f antediluvian times has been built up as a result o f one o f humanity’s grandest collaborative endeavors—the gathering, identification, dating, and categorization of fossils as they are discovered. 40 800 HIGH-FREQUENCY GRE WORDS antipathy n. dislike; hostility Heathcliff, the protagonist o f Emily Bronte’s novel Wuthering Heights, feels great antipathy fo r Edgar Linton, the man who marries the woman he loves. Terms from the Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences protagonist: the main character in a work of literature apathy n.

Terms from the Arts, Sciences, and Social Sciences classicism: an aesthetic tradition that values simplicity, elegance, restraint, and order Augustans: a period of English literature from around 1700 to 1789. Satire was a feature of the writing of many authors of this period. Two notable authors of the Augustan Age were Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift. apogee n. the point in an orbit most distant from the body being orbited; the highest point The Ottoman Empire reached its apogee in the seventeenth century, when it controlled a territory running from Budapest to North Africa.

Veiy bad c. relating to beauty or art d. something added 800 HIGH-FREQUENCY GRE WORDS 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. e. to corrupt or make impure f. increase in amount g- pretentious h. fondness i. uncompromising j- to caution adjunct admonish adulterate aesthetic affected affinity Fill-ins Choose the best word to fill in the blank in each sentence. abysmal admonished accretion adulterated accrued aesthetic adamant affected adjunct affinity 1. The film is marred by the actor’s ____________English accent. 2.

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